Monday, December 8, 2008

Piles of Puff = Pettiskirts!!

On Internet boutiques super puffy skirts are all the rage. They are called pettiskirts. They look like those slips you put under square dance dresses.

I think they are super cute, but sadly I don't have $80 a skirt to spend. I do however have the Internet and can Google "How to make a pettiskirt" On the long list that gets spit out at you the 2 most helpful things I found were these two eHow & Martha Stewart.

The eHow is very straight forward. The Martha Stewart is laughable at several moments like when Martha sews 2.5 inches and then asks the girl like this? and then when Martha says it would be less painful to just write the check for $80, and last when Martha asks if the machine people have at home is similar to what the girl uses in her company and she kinda pauses and is all yeah this machine will work just fine.

You know me and one version isn't good enough so I combined the 2 ideas and came up with this.

I used the measurement method from eHow and the multiple layer idea from Martha (except I did 4 layers and they said to have 2). The first picture is the yoke with the first layer, the next is layer 2, and the last is the ruffle. It took about 3 yards of fabric and about 3 hours for each skirt. I got lucky on the fabric I found at Heddy's it is 120 inches wide ($5.49 a yard) making it a lot faster than sewing 45 inch wide strips together. It was certainly less painful than $80 each!I made one for each girl, George's looks the best so hers is on here for now, I'll take pics of the other 2 later.


redheadsmom said...

they are cute! it reminds of a loofah but in a good way

Karen Valinda said...

I wore slips like this when I was 3-8 yrs old ;-} Only mine were white and you could get extra "poof"* by separating the layers manually (*until you sat down again and smooshed the layers back together).

I really like the purple, and the cute girl, and I think it is nice that ArielPuppyCoocoonut was willing to pose with George!

The Lowe Family said...

i love these, they are selling them at GAP kids too..but not as puffy. i need a baby girl!!!!