Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Remember when I mentioned a while ago that Jeopardy was going to be taped here in Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show??? Remember that I applied online for tickets to go and they said the tickets would be sent the end of December??? I applied in both my name and ElCid's to hedge my bet.

Well I didn't check my post on the 22nd, I was too busy for that so I checked yesterday before we went back for the kids and as I shuffled through the mail I came across this -

I really wanted to cry but I kept my chin up, tears in check, and kept shuffling it was addressed to ElCid so I had a tiny bit of hope left and half way through the stack TA-DA there was this!!!!!
(It was addressed to me)

I am SO EXCITED!!!!! I seriously plan on being one of the huge nerds who gets there 3 hours early so I can get a front row seat!! Aren't they just beautiful?? One is for me and the other is for ElCid or Flo, if she gets him to change his mind.
So after Jan. 10th I will be able to mark one more thing off my list of things to do. YAY!!!!!! FYI- I've taken the test to be on the show twice but *sigh* no luck yet. I need to learn more about Shakespeare, Presidents of the US, Current Fiction Writers and Geography, always more Geography


The Lowe Family said...

That is freakin awesome dude! Why didn't u apply to BE on the show as a contestant???

Safire said...

Wahoo!!! Awesome!

Karen Valinda said...

This is SO great, I am rooting for that front row seat! xoxoxox

! ! ! Merry Christmas ! ! !