Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sneak Peek

Okay, here it is Christmas '08.

The girl's "Big Present" from ElCid and I is a big dollhouse
(My extra kid gave each girl a Prince for Christmas and they will get the coordinating princess with their stocking)

Here is under the tree. Each girl has one present from me, ElCid, each set of grandparents, my mom, Santa (they insist I label one from him), one to share from Madi, one each from a member of my family, one each from each other, and a few assorted others. They kind of get lots of presents. That really big brown box is mine from ElCid I'm very curious to find out what's inside.
And the Stockings
Mine is the white one, it won't look so sad in the morning ElCid is out shopping for it's contents now. It's tradition. Why are my stockings blue and knitted you wonder? That is also tradition. My stocking is 28 years old this year. In my family my mom made all of ours we each had our own pattern. The girl stockings are set in white and the boy stockings are set in dark blue. When I got married my stocking came with me and in ElCid's family they just have a bunch of stockings but they weren't claimed from one year to the next so he didn't have one. To fix the problem my mom made him my pattern set in dark blue. When the girls came along she set theirs in the medium blue (because white + dark = medium) Fred's has white trim, Jr's has medium trim and George has dark trim. It was also tradition to put as many bells on the stocking as it was the person's Christmas when they got it so mine and George's have 2, Fred and Jr each have one and ElCid has 26, be cause it was his 26th Christmas when he got his. :)

We wish you a Merry Christmas!!!!

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redheadsmom said...

Wow, look at you already posting! Merry Christmas!