Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Go Karts, Titanic and Paris - Oh My!

Yesterday certainly wasn't San Fransisco (my first choice but plans changed with The Wedding) but it was a blast!

We spent an hour at Mini Grand Prix riding go karts, something I've never done and it was so much FUN!! No one ever explained you get to drive like a maniac with the wind in your face or I would have gone sooner I'm sure.

After our time was up we went to the Luxor and walked through the Titanic Exhibition and it was amazing! If you're ever here and want to go, I'll go back! It was very cool and very creepy. They did a good job and the recreated pieces are amazing. Like the Grand Staircase for one.
ElCid was amazed at how much it was like the movie and I reminded him with all the plans and pictures available for use attention to detail is key.

After all the fun we stopped at Mon Ami Gabi the French restaurant I worked at when I found out I was pregnant with Fred. I ate there as a worker but never as a guest. It was fabulous! Even though it was a bit chilly we asked to sit out on the balcony/patio and we people watched and saw 3 Bellagio fountain shows it was awesome.

On the way home we rented Get Smart - absolutely hilarious and Hancock - random and a little too much repetition of one particular word. We went to bed late slept in late and will be headed back to St. George for family dinner and to get the Monkey's in about an hour.

It was a great day and a nice mini vacation.


redheadsmom said...

I am glad you had fun! We had fun here too. Really, your monkeys were more fun than not, so it worked out.

Safire said...

Sounds so nice!

AnWanna said...

So did you see Leonardo DiCaprio? Cuz it wouldn't be authentic if he wasn't there. I know I have seen the movie lots of times. =) The staircase is pretty cool.

Mama P said...

Sounds like a romantic getaway! You are so lucky to have such a wonderful family to be able to do that. :)

Karen Valinda said...

Great Picture! I am glad you had a good time - xoxoxox