Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Christmas!

Sorry to have left you all wondering what was in the big brown box for so long but we've been playing Barbie, Wii, Monopoly and just hanging out for a fun family day.

Oh wait, I still haven't told you what it was... it was MY DOLL!!!!!!! ElCid bought me Samantha. It was such a good surprise and I love it!!

One of the best part of our stockings is how cool they look on a person.

The girls were ecstatic to see the dollhouse and are now a tiny bit motivated to clean the playroom, a tiny bit.

Thank You Abuelo & Abuelita!! Tickets to Disney HSM on Ice, $15 to spend there and a HSM toy to play with until Jan. 9th.

Thank You Grammy!!! A doll for George, Monopoly for Jr and a book for Fred!

Thank you Wil!! An awesome blue track suit for George. When she pulled it out she asked if it was day clothes or jammas. When I let her know it was day clothes she cheered and insisted I put it on her.

Thank You Moga!! Alexa From Diamond Castle!!!

Thank You Grandma & Grandpa!! A Barbie for Jr, an Optimus Prime voice changing mask for George (one of her favorite presents) & Wii Pom Poms for Fred (to go with We Cheer from ElCid).

Thank You Madi!! A sun catcher craft kit, which have all turned out beautifully.

Thank You Dan!! GoJo will be a huge help with ElCid's car project.

Today isn't going to be nearly as much fun. I've decided to switch up the bedrooms there is just far too much camaraderie going on at bedtime. I'd love to build three smaller rooms in the space that is two rooms now but I don't have that much training.


Safire said...

Looks like you guys had a great day! (You included! You have a huge smile in that picture!) Hope you're enjoying your presents still today.

Karen Valinda said...

ElCid is THE BEST ! ! !

An Wanna said...

Hey no fair! How come Beth has the biggest stocking? Hers comes up way higher than anyone else's. Mine doesn't even go all the way to my knee....