Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Chatting with George

I obviously spend a lot of time with my super cute 4 yr old and today she was cracking me up!

Earlier her orange fuzzy blanket was "so stinkin' it needs to go in the washy machine" I wasn't going to get close enough to disagree so she put her blanket in the washy machine and I started to collect the rest of a load. She came back and and generously offered to carry half I said okay. As she attempted that she downsized to "just some". Then she realized she wanted to hold onto her monkey too so she'd take some panties and socks. Then the monkey thought that was "so stinkin'" so she just offered to lead me to the machine. It was so cute to watch her think through the situation and make it work out for her in the best way. :)

At dinner (yes, when dinner is delayed by dance class they watch NBC Nightly News during dinner) there was a commercial for Levitra. This is how that conversation went -

G - Mommy will you need that medicine?

M - Nope, it's not for girls.

G - Why? don't girls have cholesterol? (they had mentioned that on the commercial)

M - Well, yes, but it's not for that. (yeah that is where I stepped into it big time)

G - Oh, so it's for his feets? (the guy was walking on a beach)

M - No, girls have feet, it's for boys only.

G - Well why can't a girl take it?

M - (giving up) Because it's for a boy's p3n1$ and girls don't have one they have a v4g1n4.

G - Oh! Right! (and she happily went back to her pancakes, they LOVE breakfast for dinner)

She is just too much fun!


redheadsmom said...

I'm loving your awesome symbols to spell naughty words! George is quite the funny lady, for sure.

Karen Valinda said...

And, as JE announced clear back in 1995, You ARE anatomically correct ;-} Wonder if the nice boy involved still remembers that moment of enlightenment?!

Please kiss my girls, and George's monkey, for grammy ~ xoxoxox

The Lowe Family said...

sometimes you just gotta be flat out honest. all that beatin around the bush will take you no where..

i love 4 year old talk. miah is helping me clean today and he's informing me that there are 4 brothers in this house and only 2 sisters. i was like...miah, we aren't black honey.

Heidi said...

love it!!