Saturday, December 27, 2008

Extreme Makeover Girl's Room Edition

My house looks like something exploded in it.

Actually that is kind of what happened. All of the stuff had to come out of the Butterfly room (the room all 3 of them were sleeping in) so I could move the bunk bed into the Barbie Room (formerly known as the playroom). Stuff had to be moved out of the Barbie room so the bunk bed could go in but it really has no place to go, so it's in the hall way and my room and the family room and the other hallway. The living room is still covered in Christmas because I have a rule that new toys aren't allowed into the bedroom/play room until it's clean.

The beds are all moved but that is about all I can say for the rooms so far. There is still so much to be done! How did they ever accumulate so much junk? I know where the toys, clothes and books came from but there is so much other stuff I keep finding!

For the first time in George's life/ Jr's memory/ and to Fred's delight her door has a handle. When we moved in to the house the bedrooms had locking door handles (the kind that need keys - we found that out the hard way) so those came off and the kids were so small and locked themselves into place very easily so we never took the time to replace them, it was just a hole in the door.

3 years ago when we moved all 3 girls in together we took the door off the Barbie room completely. Today I had the disgusting job of climbing into the rafters of the attic to fetch it (we wrapped it in plastic). It will go back on later today... or maybe tomorrow.

That is where we are at so far and I'll keep you posted as the project gets done!


Safire said...

Wow, sounds like you've got a lot of work cut out for you! :) Good luck!

redheadsmom said...

You need to take before and after pictures for sure!

The Lowe Family said...

good grief! you don't waste time do ya!?