Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fred & Jr.'s Barbie Room

Okay it's done! It has actually been done I've just needed to recharge my camera with it's dying battery, a major pain in my hiney. First the sad part once I got the project going I loaded the pictures onto my computer only to discover I have only 1 before picture and it's not real great.

BTW The bookshelves are now in the family room, maybe they will have better luck staying up right and on the shelf out there.
So you'll have to use you imagination for the 6 inches of toys, dress up clothes, papers, and etc. that were in mounds on the floor. No joking it was that deep, remember the drowning?

Yeah, they have a TV in their room. (George's only complaint) It's really something I never wanted but, *sigh*. There wasn't anywhere else to store it and I don't want to watch their movies endlessly anymore now than I did when I bought the TV. The same rules apply, they only watch with permission and if I find it on and they don't have permission it won't be fun, for a long time.
I found the matching satin comforters at Ross for 12.99 each. Not a great quality (I'm sure) but they look good!
The wall to the left is magnetic with word tiles on it. The closet wasn't big enough for all their clothes so the hang up stuff stayed in the other room.

The dress up clothes used to be on a real retail clothes rack under the TV but now split up with George and some gone to DI, they all fit in that toy box at the end of the bed. The black is chalk board paint so they are allowed to color on the walls, in chalk. The border says "Fashion is an Attitude". The inside of the door is going to be the dark maroon, I think and the outside will be the same tan as all the other doors.


redheadsmom said...

Wow! I am duly impressed. Love it, Love it! Now I see why those two needed to be kept together, however would you divide their stuff?

Linda said...

I'm so impressed!!! You are amazing! I always loves it when the kids bedrooms and such are nice and clean. Good for you!!!