Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Not made like they used to be!

Today that was a GOOD thing. Like I mentioned I bought new handles for the kids doors and the rest of the hallway as well, they were on clearance and I want them to match! Today I took off our old janky handles that didn't even match on either side of the door, ???, and put on new pretty "flippy" handles.
(I'd never lived in house with flippy handles before the condo and I fell in love with them, they are just fun. As a result when we moved here the kids couldn't work the handles here, part of the reason they locked themselves in.) Getting the old handles off was a JOB. The screws were concealed under a collar and then you had to just barely loosen the screws, around the handle and twist off the back side and on and on. Putting on the pretty new handles was a breeze and I don't even care if you can see the screws!

I'll get pictures of the finished room as soon as it's finished!

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The Lowe Family said...

uhhmm YEA. i need to see what flippy handles looks like!! u make them sound so exotic!