Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Family Calendar 09

Every year for the last 3 (4?) years ElCid's long suffering sister Hil has put together a family calendar. We are not easy people to get pictures out of. We don't all have digital cameras, we are very busy, we are procrastinators and we aren't all very organized. Despite all these obstacles she perseveres, harasses and eventually gets the job done. I know I'm one of the late senders and sometimes whiny about the whole thing but my family and I do appreciate the finished product, especially since it alerts me to the fact that I have missed a birthday. I thought I would share our families antics and all her hard work! Thanks again Hil!

p.s. I think the categories should be picked now so we can take pictures that fit all year long.

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Hillary said...

Calling for all category requests as of now. :)