Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sweet Valley Twins & Baby Sitters Club

These books are not on my shelves and they haven't been for many years. As most girls of my generation I loved these books! I saved my babysitting money, I begged my parents to buy them and I checked them out from the Library as soon as the new ones came in.

They were an amazingly easy read and super simple to crank out book reports on. I remember that being part of the draw. They of course do not reflect real life in the least, probably another draw.

I have no idea how many I finally ended up owning and I'm pretty sure they were lost in the Great House Fire of 2005 that is what my siblings called cleaning out the garage at the house where my mom had lived for 13 years.

These books conjure happy memories of being curled up cozy in a blanket absorbed in reading and being happy.


redheadsmom said...

Also loved these books! They are completely awesome. I always wanted my house to have a underground railroad tunnel, although how that would work in ST. George is iffy. I also wanted to be a twin. So there you go.

Karen Valinda said...

It was the great house fire of '05 but I remember the box of your books survived it, we even asked you about what to do with them... and there my memory goes blank - old people!