Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My politically charged people

Here are some questions I answered today

"Who was President when ...

you were born? Carter

Daddy was born? Ford

Fred was born? Clinton "Oh Hillary?!?!" Me stifling a laugh "Nope Bill Clinton" Total lack of recognition "Who's that???"

I was born? Bush

George was born? Bush

"Hmm he's been President kinda long, is that why it's not his turn anymore?"

I really don't recall being so interested in politics as a child. I'm kind of happy that my kids have an inkling of what's going on even if they have no clue what it all means.


Safire said...

Cute! I don't remember politics as a child either but this election has been EVERYWHERE!

Beki said...

I'm very impressed she somehow knew who Hillary Clinton is, at least enough to put the name together.

Katie Gubler said...

Wow....that's more politics than I want to know about....who was President when I was born, Nixon? Crazy. I'm impressed they're asking :) We're in for a ride!

Karen Valinda said...

Jr is full of surprises! Was it Eisenhower when I was born? Yep, googled it and it was, first president I remember was JFK.
My first 3 kids were born when Carter was in - yeesh!