Friday, November 14, 2008

Jane Austen

Who FYI did not write Howard's End. I know you're thinking well DUH of course she didn't! E.M. Forster did! Why the clarification? Recently on Jeopardy (sometimes I wonder about the people on Jeopardy, how on earth did they pass the test and I haven't, this was one of those days) the gist of the answer was the title of an Austen book about an Abbey....HEEELLLOOO Northanger Abbey! I'm not sure if Alex read the clue in a foreign language or what but all 3 contestants just stared and blinked at him, then one guy got brave and rang in with the Question "What is Howard's End" Sometimes I wonder how Alex keeps a straight face. Yeah, he was wrong!! And neither of the other 2 heard me shouting at them. *sigh*

Anyways this is about Jane Austen not annoying people on Jeopardy. Her work is so much fun I'm all for a great romantic comedy and as a bonus she made fun of people and they didn't even know it.

On my shelf I have Northanger Abbey, Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion & Sense and Sensibility. All of them good reads. My favorite heronie is I don't know... I feel for Anne Elliot because of her insane family, Elizabeth Bennet is such a strong woman, Catherine Morland makes all her own messes, Emma Woodhouse has a good heart, Fanny Price rises above her challenges to go after what she wants, and well you get the idea.

My favorite Austen man is not Mr. Darcy! Brooding, quiet and morose really isn't my thing. If it were I would have married Ben. I like Edmond (Mansfield Park) and Edward (Sense & Sensibility). Friends first, nice guys who look out for their girls even when their attention is supposed to be elsewhere. Why isn't thier attention in the right place? Well that would be because they don't really love those other women, so they dump them.

These books have actually been made into decent movies. The screen writers have actually kept the stories intact. Earlier this year on PBS they ran a Masterpeice Theater series of Jane Austen novels they were fanastic! I even enjoy cleverly hidden copies of the stories like Clueless. I've always wanted to watch Emma & Clueless back-to-back, just for fun!


Zanne said...

The Masterpeice version of Persuasion was awful, but the others were good. The cinematography in the last 10 minutes, with the camera going up and down while she ran to and fro - made me feel dizzy. Did you catch the Jane Eyre movie they showed the week previous to the Austen adaptations? It was excellent. It actually motivated me to go read the book because I realized that was more to the story than has been portrayed in all the other film versions I have seen.

Safire said...

I love all of these books, although my least favorite is Northanger Abby. And the Masterpiece stuff is great. (Although like Zanne, I didn't like the Persuasion. I prefer the earlier made one. Very good.)

Karen Valinda said...

Sense and sensibility ... and I have only seen the movie
burbus - seriously