Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jurassic Park

When we lived in Kansas (1990 or so) Buh read this dumb book about these people who genetically engineered dinosaurs and blah, blah, how it couldn't really happen and blah, blah how it was a neat idea and blah, blah, blah!

I was in my Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley Twins phase so I was just annoyed by his blathering on about this dumb book!

Several years later we had moved back to beautiful glorious western Washington and a new movie was coming out (1993) that was simply mind blowing ... Jurassic Park and the dinosaurs look real!!! Yes this is about the time Buh got smug and reminded me about that dumb book he read in Kansas that I said this, that and the other about. Gotta let those older brothers live, if you don't you go to jail.
We saw the movie at the theater by the mall and Clint came with us *sigh* He was this very cute guy we actually knew in Kansas who had also moved to Washington and he was my crush at the time, if you let the older brothers live sometimes they have cute friends, sometimes.

The movie was amazing but the book as usual is more informative and certainly fills in the holes where the movie misses pieces. The book is actually more believable than the movie. In the book Hammond gets it in the end via the Compys it's very poetic. I definitely recommend reading it if you liked the movie.

The copy I own now is the 3rd one I purchased. The first 2 I donated to the PT library by leaving them on the bus.


Karen Valinda said...

Yeah Crichton! Timeline is also so much better in book form. Buh also recognized that cg was the wave of the future when we went to Jurassic Park, and he was right!

pringshi - where do they get these???

Zanne said...

I remember reading Jurassic Park in 8th grade - 1992. It was our homework assignment for Science class over Christmas break. I remember thinking 'what the heck, we aren't even studying dinosaurs in this class.' I remember my Dad had to go buy a copy of it because the library had a long waiting list to check it out. Then I read the book - it was fiction, and really good. I had to write a paper about it though. We had to evaluate whether or not we thought the story could actually happen. A lot of my friends went on to read other Crichton books after that assignment. The best part was that our science teacher took us to see the movie as a field trip at the end of the year.