Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bolt:The Incredible Journey

I like Disney, I can also recognize their stories aren't all that original. I mean you have to be brain dead not to recognize Atlantis as Stargate,

And that they make millions off of marketing their wares.
Part of the millions come from me, a very little part but some still the same.

That being said Bolt was hysterical.

Especially the hamster, Rhino.
You don't get a very good look at his character in the previews but he SO made the movie.

A rather predictable knock off of the Incredible Journey was made laugh out loud funny by a hamster in a ball of all things. ElCid and I chuckled our way through the movie and the girls want it for Christmas. When I said that was not going to happen they were very sad. I did reassure them I would get it when it did come out, like I said, SUPER funny.

Now that we've had our fun for the day I have some work to get done so I will make it to my last deadline of the year! After these 2 dresses on Tuesday I have flower girl dresses and Christmas dresses and they need to be done by certain dates but they are more flexible.


Sandra Huntsman said...

Good to hear! I want to go see Bolt, too - maybe my Stedward would agree to that...

The Lowe Family said...

so good to hear it was a nice movie! i really wanted to go this wknd but i'm afraid that isaak won't let me ENJOY the movie so we'll just have to wait until we visit the fam in texas and we have the use of babysitters!!

redheadsmom said...

You really are going to have to stop going to see ALL the cool movies without me. :(

Anwanna said...

We will have to see this when it is at the cheap theatre, they have one here in Nampa or something. I can read more of your blog stuff now that I am unempolyed and ignoring my boxes to be unpacked.