Friday, November 28, 2008

Hey! We've been THERE!

I put in Transformers for the girls to watch. They've seen it before but not since we've been to Hoover Dam. Jr was ecstatic to see that she's been to where they are at!

She was disturbed however to see the machinery that they told her was important to remain in motion had stopped, it's fun to see her understand the movie on a different level.


Beki said...

Yeah! We kinda did that when we saw it again... but we didn't go inside, we just drove over the top. Probably way cooler when you know what it's like inside.

The Lowe Family said...

i've never been to the hoover dam. maybe one day?

Sandra said...

Ya know - I've never even been to the Hoover Dam! 18 years in Las Vegas - ya'd think I'd make an effort. Oh well! Haven't seen Transformers either which makes comment pretty much pointless. Hmmm.