Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh yeah! Pictures

For the last post of the month on a day that Vegas made it to 70 degrees (no really). Tomorrow it's supposed to be 71. The first of DECEMBER and it's going to be 71. I know I ought to be grateful that I live in a place with such spectacular weather and I'm saving tons on my heating bill but I can't, I miss weather. I miss warm weather clothes. I miss hot cocoa, and blankets. :( Sorry, being mopey, I love it when it finally cools off here and it's just NOT!

Anyhow on a brighter note here are pictures I never put up!
As usual ignore the messy house.

Our Thanksgiving Feast as Fred called it...
2 pies, GF cherry crisp, cranberry sauce, GF stuffing, gravy (the second batch, the first one didn't work), mashed potatoes, pomegranate salad and rolls.
It was small but more than plenty for the 5 of us.

This is the monkey's being normal.
ElCid set the table so the soda and Turkey were the center piece. We did use the good china which escaped harm but not my champagne flutes, one bit it while I was napping later.
(And Jessica you were worried about having chargers on the table LOL)

This is the monkey's playing around, see the difference?

This is George in one of her new dresses I just had to get!
It looks sort of periwinkle blue but it's actually a great lavender/purple color.
I think it brings out her English roots.

Thanks for reading everyday and hanging out for the month of November I'll see ya around!


Sandra said...

Ok, maybe duh - but what's GF?

Looks yummy, though - how nice for your family!

Love George's dress!

Heidi said...

Your Thanksgiving looked awesome!! Valinda I sure feel your PAIN! I would love to wrap up in a really warm blanket and put my slippers on and . . . but when it's 80' its just not the same!!!!!

Hillary said...

You two just need to put on your air conditioner and you'll feel better :) It's lovely and 65 during the day and 50 at night here. But then again, that's basically what it's like year round ... At least I'm happy my babies don't need to be bundled everywhere we go! Oh, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE George's new dress. It's ADORABLE!

redheadsmom said...

Fancy! We missed you guys here, and Kafra ended up getting sick anyway, but at least you can say it wasn't you, right?

redheadsmom said...

Kafra was looking over my shoulder at the spread you had on your counter, and she says, "Where's the turkey?" "Where's the turkey, mom?" Faster than I could have answered her. She let out a sigh when she saw it. I guess she really wanted you guys to have turkey.

Safire said...

Looks like a good spread! And love love love George's dress. So cute!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the dress...very CUTE! The dinner looks divine and especially right now since I only got two pieces of pizza before the boys DEVOURED it all. this what i have to deal with from now on?