Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pink Barbie Dress

Yay!! The other pattern was a very good move!! I feel SO much better about this project now :) This is how the skirt will look. It was bigger and poofier on Barbie but she doesn't have to drive, navigate small children, walk on her own, you know all that.
The top is a lining, it gets a different pink in pleats over the top that's next.
Ignore the brighter pink underneath that was the part that was NOT working!!!!
BTW the dress doesn't really fit my dress form, the girl who it's for is a size 1.


Karen Valinda said...

Very nice! Good thing you have used lots of patterns over the years and can pull from memory what might work best ;-}


The Lowe Family said...

thats hot. too bad i'm not hot anymore and i can't wear it.