Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Getting things done?

I certainly HOPE I am but it doesn't really feel that way!

The Pink Princess Kora dress was mailed off today

Notes went home reminding people to donate to Harvest Festival

I have the skirt going really well on the Barbie dress but the top is still a bit of a puzzle (No fears, it will be done Haley! Ohh!! I just thought of another pattern that might work!)

I have YW's tonight but ElCid has a big deadline tomorrow so I will probably get to take the kids

George and Jr's costumes are very wearable but not quite perfect

Fred's costume is partially cut out, hers is the easiest

I scrubbed my toilet last night

Okay well I'm off to see if that other pattern will work better!!

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Karen Valinda said...

Definitely sounds like things are at least in progress... which leads to done ;-}

The procedure was NOT successful so I can identify with the title of this post. The stones were impacted in the tube and wouldn't come out so they want to try again in 2-3 weeks... I get the impression that he is going to use the time to figure out WHAT to do.
They keep saying this has been a long term problem and NO one can explain WHY I wasn't in pain...

Please kiss my girls and ElCid for Grammy xoxoxox