Thursday, October 16, 2008

J.Lo's Taggety SHMAG

5 shows I love to watch:

1. Jeopardy

2. NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams

3. CSI

4. Without a Trace

5. ANTM, 90210, Priviledged, One Tree Hill, ya know trashy CW shows :)

5 favorite restaurants

1. Chili's - it was where ElCid and I had our first date

2. Cafe Rio - I could drink that salad dressing

3. Cheescake Factory - They sent me a $50 gift card to make up for my crappy birthday

4. Macaroni Grill

5. McDonalds - It's yucky and greasy but my kids like it

5 things that happened yesterday

1. Haley's dress

2. Filled bracelet and ticket orders

3. Helped in Jr's classroom

4. Wil taught me how to watch Project Runway on YouTube

5. I had a shower

5 things that I am looking forward to

1. Harvest Festival being over

2. My house being clean (not sure how that's going to happen)

3. Getting rid of ALL of the extra CRAP in my house (see above)

4. Christmas and being married 10 years

5. The Twilight Movie

5 things on my wish list

1. New Windows for my house
2. New Flooring for my house
3. French doors instead of my awful sliding back door
4. Grass in my back yard
5. A brand new wardrobe

And Non-Monetary (I shamelessly stole most of these from Jessica, she had the perfect list!)
1. For all my children to grow up strong in the church and be married in the temple.
2. For my family to live happy and peacefully.
3. For each of my children to be able to fulfill all their dreams.
4. For Peter to be happy with his job
5. For our home to always have the spirit and be a refuge from the world.

1 comment:

The Lowe Family said...

i like how you snuck more than one onto SOME of the numbers because you had more to say. and those non-monetary items sound eerily familiar...hmmmmm