Saturday, October 18, 2008

Date night

Babysitter Barbie (aka Slumber party Barbie, aka Jr's K Teacher) made a stop at our house tonight and the girls had a blast! She brought her 4 girls (all of the 4 legged variety) and they had so much fun! Flo, if I got a non shedding dog could Kafra still come to our house? Because my kids are seriously starting to beg for a dog for themselves.

ElCid and I went out with the client of his that fixed our pipe. We went to Cheesecake Factory (had a much better time than last time) and ate out on the porch. It was a fantastic night and a lot of fun.

Apparently the monkey's behaved themselves because Barbie is willing to come back and watch them again, all for free and she lives like 15 miles away, can I just say how much I LOVE this girl? She is obviously good with the girls and they totally adore her. She is certainly my favorite K teacher (I didn't have one).

Well I've got the lining of her dress finally fit right and I'll be finishing it up so it will be done on Monday! I have a little girl Cinderella going to CA and due Tuesday also in the works, it's nearly done as well. I still have to get Fred's costume done. ACK!! Why do I pile so much on myself??


redheadsmom said...

the dog would have to be high on the hypo-allergenic list. she is fine 95% of the time at my dad's.

Anonymous said...

I'll give you my breeder's number. :)

<3, Barbie

Karen Valinda said...

The piling too much on is a genetic flaw, not really sure who (if anyone) is researching the cure.

Glad you had a nice night out! ! !


The Lowe Family said...

I want one of those Barbies! Can you order me one. Or Barbie, can you get ME your breeders number? hehe

Zanne said...

I went out to the cheesecake factory this weekend to! In Atlanta. And I thought of you. In fact, I got a gift certificate - so I will mail it to you since I won't be anywhere near one before it expires.