Saturday, October 25, 2008

HSM 3: Senior Year

Singing, dancing and all sorts of Disney fun! The girls thought HSM3 was fantastic and I thought it was bearable, ElCid ...had popcorn and an Icee so it wasn't a wasted 2 hours :). It also reminded me that "Every day is a great day at Henry Foss" and my own senior year was certainly the best year I ever had in high school. I actually wasn't in the musical that year, but I did have choir and art (no huggin' and rubbin'! Susan) and friends in the musical. I do not however look forward to my own sweet princesses in high school *ugh* all that drama and angt is way to soon. :p

After that we went and gave Bunso a good shower and scrub down (she hasn't been washed since Idaho).

We also went to the park so the kids could run around a bit before we came home and cleaned, things have slid under the radar while I've been busy this week and it's time to correct that!

It was fun to have a Saturday just to hang out all together!


Karen Valinda said...

JE has no desire to see hsm3, saves me the cost of popcorn and an icee... eh?

I am sure Bunso sparkles now and a park sounds like a great idea, too bad it is 7:50 pm and dark outside.

You sound like you got some good rest ;-}


The Lowe Family said...

oohh i wanna see it SO bad but i doubt i'll be able to go anytime soon :(