Friday, October 24, 2008

all done

it went i think it went well nobody actually shouted at me i did make several people mad by telling them sorry but they had to take off their masks (sorry to you too Lyndsay teenagers suck) we made decent money so now we can pay for mad science and field trip buses hopefully we can afford a couple other things as well my cute outfits still didnt bring in any money poop jr did win one so i won't need to remake it im very tired and im going to sleep for a very long time now dont call me before noon i wont answer and then were going to see hsm3 fun times to be had by all gnight


Karen Valinda said...

I will post quietly so I don't disturb the sleeping mom. SJSK loves the top and if her girls think it is cute may want to purchase from you... how much would it be?

Sorry about the mask deal... 9th ward had trunk or treat last night, JE and I went, and the EQ president's kids had masks. Only wore them when posing for pictures with their friends, but they were gory!

congratulations on surviving AND earning money!

the letters below are rebum, serious

redheadsmom said...

oh I thought it was today! that was why I harassed you all night. I have something cool to tell you.