Monday, October 20, 2008


I finished up this sweet little dress and it is off to it's new home!
George was being a pill because I woke her up to be the model but she looks cute anyway!
I really didn't want her to continue having a nap at 6 pm either. :)
She's watching a movie on the TV.

What's left on the list? The pink Barbie dress needs to be finished (yes still I know), and then Fred's Lemon Meringue costume. Oh dang! And I need to call Wig America!


Beki said...

I want one, too! :P

Karen Valinda said...

Cutest litte pill in creation... JE sez "I wanta George"


The Lowe Family said...

ohhh i love this little mini version of my old cinderella. it's beautiful! i wish i was rich so i could buy a dress of each character for kora!! maybe ONE day! (or one dres at a time!)