Thursday, October 23, 2008

Being the Grown-Up

*sigh* Why do I let me kids have opinions on their own costumes? I let Fred have some say on her Lemon Meringue costume and it was painful for me! Here are two pics. The first is how I would have left it, the second is how I did it because she wanted it that way. The second way isn't bad and it does reflect more accurately the doll we patterned the whole outfit off of but without the logo she could have worn the top other places.
I had also really wanted one more outfit to donate for Harvest Festival tomorrow and I probably could have got it done but, there are several other things (like Fred's costume) I needed to complete fully and I wouldn't want to do something halfway and have it reflect badly on me. It's also a better idea for me to have some sleep before tomorrow!The fabric and all won't be wasted I'm going to use it for my kid's Christmas dresses.

Fall Twirl Top/Dress size 4/6

Hello Kitty Halloween Dress/Tunic and knit peasant blouse size 4/6
Spirit Day Outfit, white butterfly top and purple capris size 6/8
Okay back to the rest of the work!


Zanne said...

So all the outfits besides Fred's costume were for donation? cool. Was it some kind of school fundraiser? The twirling looks fun.

Safire said...

My kid (the girl one) would love the twirl top. And who am I kidding, so would I!! :) You are so talented.

Karen Valinda said...

Amazing! I missed the part where the outfits were being donated but then that would make the size notation more understandable ;-}

The fondant is doing well so far, the girls will use it for the cake this afternoon and I will have to let you know how they do with it. Moga has had 3 calls so far today from me for instructions (helpful hints) because Ddonn is busy!


The Lowe Family said...

I LOVE the lemon top. good job!! everything else is superb!