Monday, September 22, 2008

Years ago....

Unlike Hi-D I'll do a tag even when I'm not called specifically, besides it fit with my theme for the month

Twenty years ago
1. Living in Kansas
2. Reading lots of Babysitter Club & Sweet Valley Twins
3. Hating the weather

Fifteen years ago
1. Living in Washington
2. High School Football games
3. Early morning Seminary

Ten years ago
1. Correcting ElCid he DID still date teenagers (for 3 more weeks) - LOL
2. Getting engaged
3. Married Dec. 22nd :)

Five years ago.
1. Two kids watched one
2. Starting to sew more
3. Happy with everything

Three years ago.
1. A one yr old
2. Sewing WAY more
3. Working on house projects that had to wait

One year ago.
1. Working on Peter Pan
2. Having fun in Primary
3. 2 kids in school!!!

One month ago.
1. Aida was nearly done
2. First Day of school just around the corner
Officially became PTSO President

One week ago.
1. Working on Snow White
2. Getting ready for George's party
3. Making sure I was ready for PTSO meeting

One day ago.
1. Taught the lesson
2. Finished reading Voyage of the Dawn Treader
3. made party invitations

1. Carpool
2. Volunteer in Fred's classroom
3. Finish Mad Hatter Jacket

1. No carpool
2. Ice Cream Social (School) & YW
3. Mail Mad Hatter Jacket

Next year.
1. ALL the kids in school at least some (Party!!! Party!!!)
2. Volunteer in Classrooms
3. Keep sewing

By the way anyone who made it through this and has not done it you are Tagged!


Karen Valinda said...

Not sure I can come up with all those answers... have to try later when JKK ISN'T pulling my phone out of my skirt pocket and asking "phone?" non stop!

And I am sure that your mom let you choose your own hair style because she loved you... and believed it would help in your quest to be a true individual ;-}

The Lowe Family said...

i didn't read it so i'm not tagged.

Mama P said...

Sure...I will get right on that with all the time I have. HAHAHA

Heidi said...

That was awesome!