Monday, September 22, 2008


1991, Why??? oh WHY!!! did my mother let me choose my hair style?????
#1 last day of 7th grade
#2 hiking Tolmie Peak (I actually like hiking)
I think Moga looks like George in this picture

Okay important thing of the day is going to reflect my life at the moment. My kids love their birthday parties! And since I continue to throw the Mega Bashes for them I think that means they are important to me.

I know several people (including my husband) think I'm insane for throwing the parties that I do but it's fun and my kids get a great kick out of the results of the work I go to.

Themes we've had - Sesame Street, Little People, Cinderella, Snow White, Bratz, Sleepover, Fashion Show, Fairies, Care Bears, Nemo, Ariel, Princess & The Pauper, Halloween Carnival, Peter Piper Pizza, Sleepover (in 2 weeks), Pink BBQ, Cinderella/Kitty/George, Build-A-Bear Workshop & Peter Piper Pizza.

The "outrageous" things I've done - Stayed up until 2 am finishing the Nemo Pinata, (thank you Flo!!), bought each guest a full outfit, set up 5 carnival games in the back yard, made dress-ups to match the theme of the party for the party girl, had Cinderella & Ariel come to the party (thank you Sandra!!), and I don't know I don't think it's as out there as some people do :)

The most expensive party - Fashion Show

The least expensive party - Sesame Street, Little People and Care Bears after those I got into the groove

Most kids at a party - 25 (Peter Piper Pizza)

Favorite Party - Fashion Show, Care Bears, Cinderella/Kitty/George

I have always loved my own birthday and the parties that went with it. Those are some of my favorite childhood memories and I want my kid's birthdays to be the same way.


Karen Valinda said...

Kind of left my comment for this one on the next post down... old people!


The Lowe Family said...

you know how i feel about parties. i'm right there with ya going all out. i just realized like seriously 3 days ago that jake's birthday and izey's birthdays are only a month apart and i'm trying to figure out how i can budget that one. dumb me. i should of had a sept baby.