Sunday, September 21, 2008

Color co-ordinated and EVERYTHING!!

I don't usually get them new outfits for the Primary Program but I did this year. I went with brown and pink because they all look good in those colors and lots of dresses in those colors were on clearance with an additional 30% off. :)

Fred had a solo twice and did fabulously! "Everybody kept stopping me and telling me how good I did." Now what you can't read is her well duh of course attitude.

Jr. was a little bouncy and very cute and did well on her part. She has very catching enthusiasm!

George cried, screamed, threw a fit and had to be carried out but managed to recover and hung over the edge of the stand with the rest of the Sunbeams. She also took up two pictures, wonders will never cease.


The Lowe Family said...

love the hair!!

redheadsmom said...

love the flower do! all three look awesome!

Mama P said...

Very cute Girls!!!