Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Dam Tour

Today we took the Hoover Dam Tour. It was really quite fun even the girls liked certain parts, just not the scary cave part when George screamed and cried and carried on. She liked the elevator fine but the areas where we stopped to hear the speeches were far too loud and echoing, there was more crying and carrying on then, compounding the echoing. I'm SURE the rest of our tour loved that. Here are some cell phone pictures I took, my camera is still lost in Utah *sigh*.

This is a coupler bolt, it might be shorter than her but I'm sure it weighs more!

Waiting for the movie to start.

Is it time yet? I had to threaten them to get then to stop asking!

Screaming in the scary cave, I got the BEST looks when I set her down to take this picture. :)

The loud scary generator room

This sign was half way through the tour but ...okay.
Fred thrilled with all the information

Touching the concrete. ElCid wasn't sure this was a hands on exhibit but there wasn't a sign so I let them roam free.

Making electricity

and now it was her turn

and finally her turn
There was a little light bulb that all 3 of them got to turn on by cranking the handle, it's pretty funny I didn't catch it in any pictures.

It was a great view

Jr loved looking down over the edge

You're supposed to rub the toes of the statues for good luck.

Fred is standing in both Arizona and Nevada

then Jr was

and finally George

The automatic tour guide telling you about the dam outdoors needs to be updated. "He" said that the intake towers seem to float on the water but actually they are 400 feet tall. They recorded that many years ago when the water level was much higher!

On the way home we stopped and got the girls McD's and they were super excited because it's new toys this week and we had a quiet non eventful ride home. :) ElCid and I decided that we ought to get out and tour Nevada more often!


Karen Valinda said...

yeah for the Hoover Dam ! ! !

Great pictures, (fyi- about 3 have missing links... according to JE that is why clicking on them produces a little box w/ an X) I wish your camera was with you allowing us to relive the scary cave part with sound effects... why should strangers have all the fun?

Everyone looks happy in the pictures, seems like it was a good tour even if there was alot of information mixed in with the fun parts... Fred looked happy trying to distract George! What a nice big sister... and they all looked beautiful standing in two states
;-} xoxoxox

Zanne said...

State line - is that the same place they use in the movie Fools Rush In? Fun and educational!

redheadsmom said...

Sounds like you had a dam good time!