Saturday, September 13, 2008


March 2000, this a few weeks before Fred was born, she couldn't hide under a notebook!

The important thing today are my sewing machines. I know you might not think it's exciting but it's more what they symbolize than what they actually are. My sewing machines are my escape from my house work, I have a creative and constructive outlet through them.

I like being a stay at home mom but for many years I felt like a stuck at home mom (that whole one car thing). I tried sewing when Fred was about 4 months old,the project took all day and wasn't what I expected and I didn't really try again for several months.

The first really cool thing I made was Fred's Cinderella costume for Halloween in 2002. After that I gained confidence and started on bigger and better things thinking outside patterns and mixing things up to be what I wanted, instead of what the designer wanted.

I usually made them things for church and that is where Sandra found me in 2004. She owned Once Upon A Costume and was working on Cinderella for Signature Productions she asked if I would be willing to help out on a couple pieces, little did I know what I was actually getting myself into!

2 years and many costumes later I purchased Once Upon A Costume from Sandra and now I have my own source of income. I love the feeling of fulfillment I get when I finish a costume and send it away to a happy princess. I also love to thrill my own little princesses by making them fun stuff too!


Landra Lynn said...

What a cool look back :o)

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redheadsmom said...

Whoever told you that you were huge when you were pregnant with Fred should look at that face and those arms. Wow, you are one hot mama!

The Lowe Family said...

u forgot about the part of the story where you met this really cool girl named Jessica who owned princess parties and she became your favorite customer!

Karen Valinda said...

Very nice 22 yr old picture! Except I remember Annie being born 5+ months before you turned 22...
And Lindsay came 3 days after you were 23... we should have taken more pictures of you!