Sunday, September 14, 2008

21... (days until I'm 30, just to clarify)

Ahhh July 1999, no kids yet (wasn't even pregnant yet) happily married, working and free. Now those were the days!

So what is my important thing today??? My cell phone. My beautiful orange enV. I'm fully aware that I managed to survive 23 & 1/2 years without a cell phone at all. I managed to make choices in stores without the help of friends, I got places needed things and lived without calling ElCid to bring me said things, I drove for hours without calling to chat with Flo aimlessly about the world at large, I was okay and now?

Now if I forget my phone at home I seriously reconsider going back for it no matter how far I am from the house or how late returning for it is going to make me. If it's out of battery and I have no charger I very seriously consider buying a new one J.Lowe style.

I feel a little bit naked without it and a lot lost! No one to talk to (except my kids), no way to get a hold of help, no extra opinions about my purchases. When Flo switched to Verizon I had to switch too cause we talk like 2000 minutes every month and a plan with that kind of calling power comes with an astronomical fee. So when I switched I got a very pretty phone - that has a memory card, and can access the internet, and can play real games, and video clips, and all sorts of other things I don't know how to work- because it's my work line. :) I think I've used it like 4 or 5 times for work, maybe. I LOVE technology, even if I can't use it properly!

Call Me!


Not Steve said...

ain't that the truth siste'

Caplins said...

Your Blog is darling! The pictures and commentary are great!

Safire said...

See, the cell phone thing is something I can't get behind. I hate being there for people all the time. But glad you like yours!

Karen Valinda said...

I remember July 1999! Mr. Sharon got married midmonth and the reception was at Union Station and we (Murphy and I) used it to celebrate our first anniversary... which was the next day.

You look very happy and young! Cell phones DO make one feel safer and the rest of the world more accessible.

Zanne said...

Anyone who ever wants to break their phone habit - be a front desk receptionist for a few years. It worked for me!

I told my students last week that when I was their age we didn't have cell phones in high school like they do. (I did not tell them that I also didn't have a computer in my home...didn't want to give them shock.) I followed that up
with "and I have never owned a cell phone, even now." Their eyes got so huge! Someday, and probably soon, I will probably break down and get one. But I'm with Safire - do I want to be always reachable?

If I get a cell phone, will you call me? It would be sad to have a blog no one looks at AND a cell phone that no one calls. :P

The Lowe Family said...

how did i miss this one? i love my phone, i wanna marry it. i sleep with it curled up next to me...spooning it all night