Sunday, September 21, 2008


Really??? 14 days, is that really all ???
Maybe J.Lo's plan to have it sneak up on her was better!!!

Yeah 1992 wasn't really much better than '93

Flo was harassing me mercilessly yesterday about shopping for my kids so I decided to make it my important thing for the day. It is very important to me that my kids look good.

No matter how frumpy dump I may appear I like my kids to be (relatively) well dressed. I'm not a label person and don't care if it's IZOD, Baby Phat, Tommy, Ralph Lauren, Old Navy, Carters, Oshkosh, Gymboree, Children's Place or whatever. If it fits my kid, looks good and is on sale/clearance I'm so there.

Once as a kid at a mall I was with my family and we asked my Mom if we could go into a certain store she said no that we weren't dressed nicely enough, she never took us into that store or any store like it which translated to my kid brain that we didn't measure up. Finding clothes for 6 kids on a tight budget never left room for much individual style or fashion. I tried but I wasn't ever really up with the times.

I decided somewhere later in my life that I would make sure my own kids had nice clothes to wear. I don't always get to shop at my favorite stores and as I said before my kids wear lots of clearance but they blend in nicely with their peers.

One place my kids do tend to stick out is church. Mostly because this was one place I always stuck out as a kid and I knew it. Having someone sit down next to you in Sunday School when you're wearing what you feel is a great new hand me down dress and they say "we gave that dress away because it was too big and ugly for me" leaves marks that I still haven't gotten over. I did finally get several beautiful (handmade in retrospect) dresses given to me when we lived in Kansas and I LOVED wearing them. I felt like a million dollars. When we moved back to Washington we only took what could fit in a 4' x 6' trailer that could only hold a certain amount of weight. My beautiful dresses and lots of other things did not make the cut. I am the HUGEST snob when it comes to my kid's church clothes.

I know that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover and that clothes don't matter if you have a rotten personality but they certainly help with initial impressions and give a boost of confidence!


redheadsmom said...

Now you are making me feel bad! I just have to tease you because you are the ONLY person I know who buys new outfits for the primary program. Easter, Christmas, I get it. Primary Program? Not so much. Maybe that's just because I am more focused on how my oldest will behave than what he is wearing:)!

The Lowe Family said...

okay i read this last night but forgot to comment. i think clothes are SUCH a huge think. there's nothing more annoying to me to see kids in clothes that are too small for them. i hate that. how trashy and RUDE of the parents to not buy them clothes that look good or at LEAST fit. ugh. i get so mad at parents like that. you don't have to have a lot of money to make sure your kids are dressed nice so there's no excuse.