Friday, September 5, 2008

Being Threatened

Today when we got home from dropping off the kids I told George to unbuckle, grab her things and come inside. Her response was "if I have to carry my own stuff I will cry". I just looked at her and asked "What???" She calmly repeated herself enunciating a little bit better and yes sure enough I was informed of a pending tantrum. My reply also caught her off guard as I let her know that if she was going to have a fit then next time she wouldn't bring any toys and she'd also be on time out for her fit. I went inside and surprisingly enough when I went back to change AIDA laundry she was unbuckled and dragging her crap into the house. She smiled and said "See Mom I CAN carry all my things!" Because I was the one who thought she couldn't?? Whatever, fit diverted and junk out of my car.


Mama P said...

Wow I am very impressed....Hooray:)

redheadsmom said...

It's always worth a try. Especially when you have been queen bee in your house since your were two and a half weeks old!

The Lowe Family said...

sounds like my encounters with kora except you do a better job. i guess with 3 girls u get a lot of practice!