Friday, September 5, 2008

30 Days and counting

Well it is inevitable like death and taxes turning 30 will happen whether I like it or not so I decided to be a tiny bit grown up and accept the fact with a tiny bit of grace. I also decided to celebrate the occasion with 30 Things That are Important to Me. And 30 pictures of me, cause you all know you want to see what I looked like as a kid.

All of this is going to have to wait though until I get back from dropping kids off cause I gotta run!
Okay it's later now. I was going to do the pictures so I got older as the month went on but no I want to get younger so the first picture was taken earlier this summer outside the kid's school by George.

The first thing that is going on my list is ElCid. He is my life. In so many ways. Obviously he gave me my 3 little darlings, and he has given me everything I ever could want, a house, a car all my own with my personalized license plates, so many happy laughing memories and more love then I could have ever expected. He is certainly my Prince Charming and despite all the times he drives me a bit nutty I love him forever.


Zanne said...

What a great idea! Let me know if I have any pics of you that you want me to scan and email you ;P

The Lowe Family said...

you look EXACTLY like fred...craziness!

Susan said...

I like the 30 things. 30 is a good year. OK good for me. We need to chat on the phone when you get a chance. :)

I was thinking that you have had so much amazingness (is that word) and so much awesome happen to you, can you really narrow it down to 30 things? And btw - how are you celebrating? Hopefully with loads of cake and punch! Miss ya.