Saturday, September 27, 2008


No comment, major denial setting in.

This is super cute me in the third grade. This is my favorite picture of me just about any age anywhere. I remember being sooo excited that my hair stayed curly, and the shirt was new, from a real store and I thought I looked great in it.
We lived in Ogden at the time and for me just about all Ogden memories are happy ones.

Since I was 8 in this picture today I'm going to pick, my religion is important to me. I am LDS and for any of you who don't know we are baptized at 8. From what I understand it's equivalent to first communion. (That's why it corresponds to the picture)

I was born into a family that is LDS and was raised that way, so there is the argument that it's important to me because I don't know any thing else but it works for me and my own family.

Being LDS hasn't been easy my whole life, there are rules and standards I choose to live by that didn't make it easy to fit in at all the parties, or in all coversations.

I went to BYU (something I swore I'd NEVER do) and it was really hard to be there. I like to think of myself as an individual with unique talents and traits but a BYU I was the norm and that didn't sit well with me. I also went through a time where I questioned the faith I was raised in and if it really was for me and I came out the other side with a much stronger conviction about the way I choose to live.

I am raising my girls to follow in my footsteps. I'm sure they will HATE me as teenagers when I do require them to wear clothes that cover thier body, only wear age appropriate make-up, not date until they are 16, let me know where they are going, who they are with and when they will be home. (That last part is all parents not just LDS people) Since I do have only girls I'm hoping and praying that some mom out there (*cough* Lyndsay *cough*) is raising a good righteous boy for each one of my girls.

I live a generally happy and full life and I do feel that it is from my religion.


Zanne said...

You went to BYU because you LOVE ME! Hehe, I remember when you got your acceptance letter.

Too bad we never went to a non-BYU ward when we were single - it's a different animal...but then you had to endure to meet ElCid...

Zanne said...

One more thing - looking at your younger pics - you definitely look related to your youngest brother!

Safire said...

You look really happy in that picture! And Juice says he's happy you went to BYU. Me too. :)

Mama P said...

Well if that is true then u you'll have to have another girl... because remember... I DO HAVE 4 BOYS!!! I am happy you think of my boys that way though.

The Lowe Family said...

i love your little upturned's precious! i wish i had a cute nose!

Karen Valinda said...

Super cute! And you went to BYU so you could meet Peter... duh!

(and I could get 3 awesome grand daughters)