Sunday, September 28, 2008



See, I am getting cute! The is 2nd grade in Grangeville ID.
I'm on the top row, first on the right.

Hmmm, there has to be something else that is important to could I have run out of interesting important things? Here is a list of all those little things that are essential in my everyday happiness but don't really merit a post of their own.
  • running water
  • natural gas
  • electricity
  • fabric & thread
  • scissors, pokes (pins), & tape measures
  • Chocolate
  • my IUD
  • ice cream
  • tweezers
  • computer printer
  • sex
  • big shower head
  • soft towels
  • Vanilla and Lavender fabric softener
  • washer & dryer
  • beautiful matching kitchen appliances I picked out myself
  • the Wii
  • my bike with a seat for George on the back
  • the scanner
  • fun chick flicks
  • Netflix
  • kid computer games
  • PBS
  • iPod
  • priority shipping
And well I think you get the idea :) I'll have a real important thing tomorrow!


Mama P said...

So are these in order of importance? hehehe

redheadsmom said...

I like how sex is slipped in the middle, like the faint of heart may not notice:)!

Karen Valinda said...

I remember this little cutie! I had forgotten how old Mrs. Warren was...

I am voting the list is NOT prioritized ;-}


Hillary said...

Obviously they aren't listed in any order of importance ... but I was wondering why SEX doesn't merit its own post - other than no one wants to know what goes on in your bedroom :)