Monday, September 29, 2008


Now I'm down right adorable! And in the first grade.
This was taken at Murphy Elementary in Grants Pass OR.

All right, my list yesterday helped me brain storm and today my camera is important to me. I got my fantastic camera several years ago to take pictures for my business. It is key in corresponding with customers. It is also priceless in documenting my cute kids.

My Mom was and I'm sure still is neurotic in labeling pictures. I'm not being mean she just was. On the back of all of the pictures she took of us there was our name and how old we are. I'm not talking "Valinda age 5" I'm talking "Valinda Goofy Gera 5 years 4 months and 6 days taken in Tacoma Washington Feb 11th 1984" I'm not so good at labeling pictures. Most people aren't, anyway my camera, thanks to digital technology, puts an inherint time stamp on my picture.

Even without printing it on the pictures it's still there and I really like that a lot. It's also easy to use which means it's not all that high tech and fancy but it's enough for me. I'll take a sewing machine with functions I have no use for over a camera with functions I have no use for.

My old camera sits on a shelf above my computer and reminds me how grateful I am that I can see how my pictures turn out instantly and that I can choose to have certain pictures made into prints and not others. It's a wonderful thing!!


Mama P said...

I think that the camera keeping track of when the pic was taken is a great invention! R u still in denial of your b-day?

Karen Valinda said...

door bells R us !

Everything about you is vivid and bold in this picture, very nice. I think the only one I like better is you in the red velvet and white outfit a couple years younger than this. The one where you look like you are stepping out of a catalog ;-}

I always labeled as if it might be the only surviving picture and whoever found it could locate your birthday and where we lived accurately, I DO love family history!


The Lowe Family said...

before i started reading what you wrote i saw the pic and said, "oh my freakin adorable!" and then read what you said, "downright adorable!" so true. u remind me of annie!!

Zanne said...

I think I have the same hairstyle in my school picture at that age - it was just a little shorter - but the same part and feathering action. Very cute.