Tuesday, September 30, 2008


FYI I'm having a party, NOT getting older

This is my First Day of School - ever. Fall 1984
I didn't go to Kindergarten so this is first grade.
My address was 501 Williams Highway, and that is from memory.
My mom was all about us not getting lost.

Because some of you asked- No, my list of "little" things wasn't prioritized and while I could go on about my fantastic sex life for a whole post, this is a public blog and I don't think you all want me to share that much about my wild private life.

Today Date Night is important to me (and what comes at the end of date night, oh wait I wasn't posting about that!). This is an event that doesn't happen nearly enough in my life (along with other things, oh shoot still not talking about that!).

As most of you know ElCid and I started dating offically Sept. 4th '98 and were married Dec. 22nd '98. That didn't leave tons of space for dating but that's all we had to do besides go to school and work so it worked out really well for us.

With the addition of our 3 darlings and extra responsibilities and less money due to the 3 darlings getting out on dates has been a lot harder in the last few years. Sometimes we have Wii/Slurpee Dates but even then it's not the same. I love being out with just him, almost anywhere.

Working with the YW does put me in touch with a lot of babysitters but my favorites always seem to be out of town! ElCid feels he was rather jipped in payment the few times he babysat as a kid and inflation has certainly raised the rates. A trip to the movies can easily be $50 total, we unfortunately don't have that much every week.

One of my favorite things to do on our dates (no, not that, that's later!) is to go peruse Borders. I can sit and read in peace and quiet until 11pm for free. Usually those trips don't end up free but they are usually less expensive than the movies.

We've done some very fun things on dates, this is Vegas after all!

One of the reasons I fell in love with ElCid was because it was great just hanging out with him!

Anybody wanna babysit?


The Lowe Family said...

yea you don't wanna go on about ur sex life cuz it would never top mine, haha...thats ONE good thing about being 30 I've found.

so if ONLY school supplies would still all fit in one grocery paper bag, right?

Karen Valinda said...

5091 but I'll never tell

It was also Brent's real first day of school... the three months he was in kindergarten, and turned 7, were spent in time out or at the Lego table so they hardly count. It made this "first" day even harder for the pregnant mom, and your 'abandoned' little sister ;-}

don't imagine Borders allows for strip poker...