Friday, September 12, 2008


Santa Clara Sept. 01

Hey click that picture and take another look, can you see it? No, not my big glasses, look again. No, not Toadwatt kissing ElCid's hand, look again. Nope, it's not Alli looking bored, look again. Here a hint check out the date you see that? It's September 2nd 2001 for any of you with less than quality monitors. So can you see it now?? Still no?? I'm nearly 7 months pregnant with Jr. In fact I'm 36 days away from having her. She's hiding under that notebook and my overalls. I only gained 20 lbs with her and I'm very proud of that!

Okay on to the important thing of the day (are any of you still reading this or do I need to shake things up a bit?) today it is my car. Bunso Lip Gloss Coming Through Disneyland (fill in last name). No, I did not name her, my kids did.

We were a one car family for MANY years. It worked mostly but it was a big ole pain in the bum. Then we got pregnant with George and it was looking inevitable that a new car was going to be necessary, ElCid wasn't excited about another car payment so we put it off. Then we sold our condo, made some good money, paid off our first car and I got bed rested. I came home from my first extra appointment and told ElCid that I was going to have 4 appointments every week until she arrived. He went and bought me my beautiful van that very night.

Bunso has been all over! Washington, Idaho, California, Utah, and most places in between. She's not a very old girl 5 years, but she's a well traveled girl 103,649 miles. I know this because I just had to get her smogged and registered that's why she's important to me today, I just spent a bunch of money on her!

She does have personalized plates which were a present from my sweet man. I was on bed rest and couldn't go to the DMV myself (darn!) so when he got home from registering her I asked what her plates said and his reply was what did you want it to say and I was all sorts of confused, you don't get to pick. He grinned and handed me the paper work and as I read it over it slowly sunk in he'd gotten my nickname I'd always wanted on plates on my plates!!! It was a great surprise and I love being cool like that!

As a side note JEOPARDY remixed their theme music and I'm NOT liking it!!!


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redheadsmom said...

you said "we" got pregnant. How come Elcid didn't have to go to any appointments??

The Lowe Family said...

i'm jealous of your skinny preg bod. what did i do wrong?