Monday, September 15, 2008


This is a picture of ElCid and I at my ice cream party after I kissed him. (9/98)
It's a BYU thing, you kiss a guy then you buy all your roommates who aren't getting any ice cream to make them fatter so they still won't get guys, or something like that. :) My ice cream party had 2 kinds of ice cream, whip topping, cherries, and chocolate syrup, it was THAT good.

And moving on we have my important thing of the day. Today it is the NBC Nightly News. No really this is something I hate to miss and my kids have always watched. I never really paid much attention to national/world news except for the OJ Simpson/white bronco thing and the Princess Diana /car crash thing. I would watch local news occasionally but once I was married there were other things to do besides sit and watch boring news, like dishes and laundry.

Then I had Fred. My darling baby that didn't hardly cry once in the hospital for four days but let loose as we buckled her into her car seat to leave and didn't stop for four months. ElCid worked the usual CPA long hours and I was about to be insane by the time 5:30pm rolled around so I started watching Tom.

Oh how I miss My Friend Tom. (That's what the kids even called him) His voice is very soothing and he talked about things far away from me in places I'd never been and sometimes I'd never even heard of them. It also meant one more day with screaming terror child was just about over and ElCid might just come walking through the door in the next few hours.

Tom got me through Fred's worst days and then I kept watching him I just couldn't give up my wise, stable, friend every night. He kept me company through Jr's bed rest and the whole 9/11 disaster (in 2002 he did mention he'd be retiring after the 2004 presidental election but that didn't worry me things change and that was so far away) then I eventually got brave (or stupid) again and he kept me company through George's bed rest as well. After George was born I missed Tom most of the nights of her 18 days in the hospital and it was great to have him steady as ever once she came home.

Then in November a terrible thing happened, the election was over and Tom was really going to retire!! They were turning the show over to Brian Williams who I hadn't been particularly enamored of the times he subbed for Tom. It was a very tragic time for me, being still very hormonal and all, Ken lost on Jeopardy on Nov. 3oth and Tom's last day was Dec. 1st. My two boys who'd been there to entertain me all those long 6 weeks were gone. I never gave up on Jeopardy, but I did stop watching the Nightly News for about 6 months then I slowly started giving Brian a chance and while he will never be Tom he still takes me far away from my own problems and my own situations to places I have heard of now. :)

Both times I've been to New York I've been to 30 Rockefeller Plaza to the building where they tape the show each day and I have an AWESOME shirt that says NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. It's one of my favorites. (I know I am a HUGE nerd but I'm okay with that)


Mama P said...

I have got to seet this shirt!!!!

Karen Valinda said...

Nice picture! Did anyone ask if there might be two reasons for the two kinds of ice cream? Just to keep ElCid on his toes...

Walter Kronkite was like that too, and the good old Huntley-Brinkley report gave you two guys ;-}

Tom would be pleased to know he was a new mom's support system! And Ken was amused when Brent informed him of your love and admiration!

The Lowe Family said...

okay..i have something to say. i think u look cute in all these pics and they are fun to read but it's making me count down the days to MY 30th and i really don't want to...i want it to just sneak up on me. i'm mad at you.