Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Pictures

Here are the pictures I didn't take the other day.

My sweet girls prefer to dress at opposite ends of the fashion spectrum.

Think Nancy Drew ...

and Bratz the live action movie.Every once in a while they meet in the middle
I bought Fred size 10/12 so she might be able to wear her clothes for 6 months!

This is the Pyramid skirt before and after, I made the request to
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change the choreography!
The dancer was all for that too because she almost fell over on stage!

Here is my old purse and the new one,
I was inspired by Moga with the yellow hair she had a super cute bag.

George was very upset there wasn't ANYTHING for her!!! Yeah life is rough when you get 3 wardrobes in hand me downs and very little from the store, but before too long I'll be forced to get stuff for her to, *sigh*


redheadsmom said...

Very nice clothes girls!

Safire said...

Very cute clothes and a cute purse too! I can't wait to be able to have a cute purse again instead of a monster diaper bag. :)

Zanne said...

Great job with the pyramid skirt.

Mama P said...

Very cute. Makes me want a girl even more now....U stink!!Hehehe

Karen Valinda said...

but Ddonn... both purses are nice! Awesome clothes, I am sure it is Fred and Jr that 'make' the clothes ;-}

Impressive job on the skirt!!! It looks good close up, forget from the audience.

redheadsmom said...

does the pyramid skirt come in military green? I want some of that

The Lowe Family said...

i love the clothing pics, those are totally cute outfits!! the bag is WAY better than the before picture...i think i can smell your old purse from here...yuck

redheadsmom said...

you threatened me with timeout after three days of no posting, so beware!