Friday, August 22, 2008

Most Heart Stopping

That's a line from "Strongest Suit" and definitely describes the costumes on this show.

I got a call last night at 10:15 ish that the zipper on the red vinyl dress had gotten stuck and they had to cut Amneris out of it. Lucky for all of us it sounded worse that it actually was, they had to cut the zipper not the dress itself.

The lead guy also needs some pants I took up let out some, his legs grew an inch since I hemmed them, yeah that's what happened.

I'll be replacing the zipper and letting out the hem a bit today and taking it all back to the director because I have to be at school at 5 for Open House! I get to make the 2 minute Hi we're the PTSO and we'd like you to help with fundraisers and come to our fun events speech.

After all that I get to escape to St. George for Flo's birthday party tomorrow. The plan is lunch at El Pollo Loco and then go see House Bunny. I know a couple of her friends who are coming and it sounds like a good break from reality before I come back to collect laundry tomorrow night from the show then get ready for SCHOOL on Monday!!!!!

Well I'm gonna go get a red zipper now, maybe this is why high fashion doesn't belong on stage in quick changes. :)


redheadsmom said...

Yay, no time out! And you are coming to visit me! We will have tons of fun and forget all about high fashion crap!

Mama P said...

WOW, U are one busy mama!!! HOpe all goes smooth for u!!!

The Lowe Family said...

Nooo..that's why they chose YOU to make the costumes becuase they know you'll do a fabulous job not only with the creations but with all the repairs too!!

Karen Valinda said...

What will George do when both siblings are gone all the day? Learn to sew princess costumes?

Good thing you have lots of practice with 2 1/2 minute talks!