Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to School!

I had money briefly yesterday but I spent it on clothes (pics later), school supplies, (the combined lists this year weren't as bad as last year) and stuff to finish signs for the classrooms. I should get part of the class sign money back but the other stuff is all mine, or the teachers.

I got a 20$ gift card from Jr's teacher for being a great mommy helper and bought myself a new purse! Now all of you who were embarrassed by the old one (it was getting ratty) can go shopping with me again. The new one is definitely an upgrade!

This morning I'm finishing up the signs, fixing a shoe and the pyramid skirt-the girl who wears it accidentally put her boot through it (strangled gasp of horror).

Pics of everything later!!


The Lowe Family said...

oh crap...u just reminded me that i need to go buy school supplies. i'm really preterbed (sp?) about buying supplies when my kids are only gonna be here HALF the semester.

Karen Valinda said...

JE and I are going to his -we think- new school this afternoon. New purse is nice! An-wanna sez your girls have too many clothes... now I had better hope she does NOT start following your blog, eh?

NOT the pyramid skirt! Can you patch or do you have to rebuild???

redheadsmom said...

Where is the picture of the purse? I know you have one! BTW Jessica, you actually don't have to buy the supplies (but it is the nice thing to do)

Mama P said...

Hooray for new purses!!!