Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day Of School!!!! and other adventures

First Day of School! First Day of School! (what is that from {Jessica}?)

It finally happened, after 2 weeks that honestly seemed like 2 months it was the First Day of School! They weren't up quite as early as they were last year and we all got more sleep. (Thank heavens)

Here are my cute kiddos & my extra kid ready to get in the car. :)

Fred and my extra kid were very much about walking to their "dot" all by themselves. Jr on the other hand got a little wild eyed and her voice wavered at the thought of walking to her dot by herself.

We dropped the first three off at the back gate (I later discovered all 4 should be dropped off there) and went looking for a place to park. A block later I was rushing the younger two kids back toward the school. We stopped by Mrs. P's kindergarten classroom to give her the present we bought for her first day of school. She had the sweetest card for Jr. who happily read every word in front of her new teacher Ms. N. (I alos asked Mrs. P if she needed help and she did so we added her to our list of things to do today) We stood around and chatted with the other PTSO moms with kids in Jr's same class. There are 4 of them in the same room. The bell rang and they all trooped in after the clingy parents said 100 goodbyes. I was still a little sniffly about send Jr. in but come on! ALL DAY SCHOOL??? What could be better? Oh yeah having George in school too!

George and I went and signed in, grabbed letters for the back sign and changed it to say welcome back. We grabbed a couple shirts for Mrs. P and went to her classroom. I started putting her supplies away and George melted in to the class just like she did last year. This year she didn't have Jr. helping her out so she was forced to be more independent. :) After a while I got a call from the Treasurer that she needed me to come and count T-shirt $ with her and Mrs. P let me leave George in the class and I went to do my thing. There are so many reasons to love Mrs. P! George finished up the first day of Kindergarten happy as a clam and I put away, filed, and helped out where I could. She had a great first day. :)

George is no dummy and recalled that after Jr's first day of Kindergarten we went to McD's and we should go there after her first day too. I hope she won't be too disappointed when she has her first day of kindergarten again next year.

Fred and Jr. both took lunches today, and they were happy to see me in passing in the hall. Fred's class is across from the PTSO ...closet? so she saw me more than once she made eye contact and smiled a bit the first time we walked by but the other 2 times she very studiously ignored me!

I'll post more about their day when I know more. :)


My mini vacation without my kids was tons of fun. I played my music as loud as I wanted, sang along to it and nobody complained. I bought just me an ice cream cone in Mesquite and I managed to make it to Flo's without 3 potty stops. It was SOOOO nice!

Once I got there nobody was tired and whiny and I didn't have to worry about people at home when we went to WalMart at midnight.

Flo let me sleep in and then we went to Ross. I found a few more pairs of jeans for Fred and a shirt for Jr.

After Ross was lunch and the movie. El Pollo Loco was yummy and House Bunny was funny. Not appropriate at several moments but funny all the same. :)

It was a very relaxing mini vacation which was a good thing because I came back to house that had no mommy for a day.

The only weird thing was the other drivers on my way back to Vegas. I left and it was still daylight but turned my lights on about the time I made it through the gorge. After that it was semi dark and I was going about 80-85. I kept getting brighted by other drivers! One time I was brighted by someone when I was in the slow lane with no one next to me in the fast lane! I was brighted like 4 or 5 times. I'm still not sure what the problem was, I wasn't going slow unless I had no choice and my lights were on and none of my back lights were out, it was the most bizarre thing. One SUV even went as far as to turn their lights off completely and then back on brighting me at the end. Once again I was in the slow lane going about 80! I never saw any police officers. If any of you know why I would get brighted when my car was fine, all of the lights worked, there were no police around and I wasn't going slow please let me know!

I hope George and I can get into a routine pretty quick here and get some stuff done. She is definitely going to have some issues about nobody to play with her now!


Karen Valinda said...

So was it on coming traffic or following you traffic? Are your lights dim? (I would never imply dirty but it does happen) Or maybe you had something shut half in and half out of a door or window... ya got me!

Need to start packing the kitchen ;-} I just did all this 3 weeks ago ;-Þ

Safire said...

Yay first day of school! They look cute and it sounds like you had a good time.

Ever think of having a good time up in our neck of the woods while we're here?

redheadsmom said...

finding nemo