Saturday, August 2, 2008

Day of the Living Dead

I made a big mistake.

I called the Director to come see the red thing after rehearsal and he thinks it's going better than I did so that was happy but while they were here ElCid went and got my book.

Instead of being a smart person and really waiting to read until tomorrow I started at about 12:30 am and at 6:55 when the words were swimming on the page to badly to read anymore I called it quits. I made it to page 594. (That was the end of a chapter)

It's 11:23 and I've been up for about an hour, I won't be reading anymore until after the costume parade.

OoooOOhhhhh why don't I have better judgment and self control?


Mama P said...

It's like a kid in a candy every thing until u get a tummy ache...U were super excited to get that book, it's alright to let the kid out every once in a while!

Karen Valinda said...

Did you have ElCid hide it? I would have to or I would be learning the lesson again when I succumbed... again.

redheadsmom said...

it's a lesson I will NEVER learn! But hey, we could all have worse addictions than books, right?

Zanne said...

I just finished it tonight. Hey, we had a wedding and hung out with family a lot this weekend. Liked it more than my sister, I think. But I didn't spend a lot of time imagining what I WANTED to be in the book. I had to get it done today, since I go back to work tomorrow.