Saturday, August 2, 2008

Worth It

Okay, I am running on 3.5 hours of sleep and that might sway my opinion but, I liked how it ended. It ended the way all sappy teenage romance novels should end, it ended the way POTC 3 should have ended. (Yes, I'm still bitter) I have big plans about getting some sleep and then reading it again to catch all those things I missed from the sleep deprivation.

Monday morning I'll go back to being good and finishing up the costumes. They kind of need to be ready on Wednesday! Ack!

Here are some pictures of my stuff, and Steve's stuff, and Sandra helped too.

Pharoah in his robe, there's more to his outfit but It's not done yet.
"Not Me" This is the Egyptian equivalent to jeans and a t-shirt :)
"Strongest Suit"

Pyramid Couture

Radames George's newest crush
"Step too Far"

Zoser in his cooler outfit
Wedding gown fitting (A David's bridal $99 steal)

The latest fashion - banquet scene

"Step too far" Amneris (purchased) Aida, Radames He'll wear black pants with this....I think, and Zoser's sweat suit - it's pleather in August in Las Vegas. (made by me)

Good Night!!


Karen Valinda said...

JE read 'pleather', 'August' and 'Las Vegas' and announced, "I would NOT have auditioned for HIS part!"

I was very happy to see photos and NOT surprised that you apparently did NOT have ElCid hide the long awaited, highly anticipated temptation... and even happier that you liked the ending ;-}

leaving for church as soon as Buh is ready, JE biked it with the sacrament bread xoxoxox

redheadsmom said...

I also finally finished the book!

Hillary said...

You're right. I'm definitely not as masochistic as you! I loved the book too!

Mama P said...

So how did the PTSO meeting go tonight?

Beki said...

Hey, if nobody has dibs on the corset piece of the 'everyday' outfit, I could take it for you. (I know, if they pay for it, it's theirs.) Way cool, though.