Thursday, July 31, 2008

Baby police & things that are getting done!

Yesterday I made the jacket for Radames to get married in (the wedding doesn't go through) and I worked on Pharaoh too.

Today I went looking for and found fabric to make another belly dance skirt (we have 2 & need a 3rd) and one of Pharaoh's 3 capes. The rest of his costume stays the same and we'd hate to have him looking less than fashionable.
I also took a picture of that green corset with the whole outfit. I made the skirt and Steve bought the shirt. I will be adding more of the gold snap/rivet things around the top and bottom of the corset. Can you tell he got a lot of inspiration from Anime?
This afternoon Sandra had a princess appearance and she left Ryder and Lola with me, Jr & George. 2 minutes into their visit I was reminded why I don't have toddlers anymore. "Mommy they are making a huge disaster!!" - George. She spent the rest of their visit sitting on the table to keep out of Lola's reach.
Or following Lola around, not like my niece Kafra does as a doting Mommy type, no George followed Lola around taking things, rescuing things (and bringing them to me) and holding her by her clothes to stop her from moving. I had to curb her last tactic because that just wasn't nice. "No Mom, if I don't hold her she will go all over!" They went home after a few hours and George was very relieved.

Tonight we start rehearsal at the ranch and the real crunch time begins!


Karen Valinda said...

So what is the story for the last photo?

I think I have Buh checking this out with me and I don't want him to beat me to the first comment ;-Þ

Looking good, I look forward to more awesome photos to include on real people instead of your mummy.

redheadsmom said...

George is so funny! Poor Lola.

Mama P said...

She is so goofy. She needs a little Vinnie more time. Does she act different at all after she spends a morning with him?