Tuesday, July 15, 2008

LoL, LoL, Public Picture taking LoL, LoL

So Flo and I were on our way back from getting super yummy Cafe Rio and got stopped at a stop light. One of those stop lights that you wait at for 1.5 minutes before it turns green again.

We were the first car in line and some little kids collecting money came by and we didn't donate to their cause and then a little biker man came zipping up next to the car did a couple show off turns in the cross walk and parked in front of my car balancing on his pedals, no wiggling, nothing.

It was quite impressive and Flo and I were noticing his impressive balance, little cheerleader legs, and butt padded biker shorts. He continues to balance perfectly still and it comes to mind that I ought to get a picture of this bum in my face. My cell phone camera is okay but it takes a minute to load up and then the cover was shut so as I'm struggling with my camera, he turns around and sees me. Flo also had her phone out but it was less noticeable what she's doing. He wags his finger at me as he does another show off turn in the cross walk and I thought he was just reprimanding me. The light turns green and he starts shouting at me "Don't take my picture! Hey you can't take a picture of me! I got your license plate!! You can't take a picture of me!"

As he starts into the intersection going 3 miles an hour he continues to turn around shouting the same stuff over and over. As we finally make it through the intersection cars start passing me and honking at him because he's in the middle of the road blocking traffic.

He finally turned into a parking lot most likely to alert the authorities about me and we went on our way laughing up a storm!

So here is the lesson learned if you try to get pictures of strangers in public do it while they aren't looking.

(BTW Moga and I took a picture of a license plate for Nan one time that said Roy Jr. Moga got out of the car, to take the picture. The guy in the car was a BIG Hawaiian, he didn't CARE!!!!)

Oh yeah and we didn't even get a picture! My camera didn't load fast enough and Flo accidentally closed her phone without saving!


Karen Valinda said...

;-} Why show off in public if you aren't looking for notoriety? Like YOUR plate is hard to memorize!

Bet he went home and looked for himself on youtube!

The Lowes said...

I told RHM that I'm mad at you guys for not getting a picture. Yall are FIRED from blogging!