Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I hate home again, home again, jiggity jig

Flo, Sally and McQueen came and hung out with us yesterday. It was lots of fun even without the psycho bike rider. We talked, worked on Aida's Step to Far dress, shopped, made birthday presents, did a costume fitting and talked about my new plan. Flo is great for plans.

We weren't supposed to have as much time to hang out as we did but C & C's plane got stuck in Texas. So instead of getting in at 9:30pm they got here just after 1am. I'm SOOO tired! ElCid gets paid today, yay! and I got an advance from the costume people so I can get back to major construction. I didn't squander my time I worked on the stuff I did have the supplies for.

Okay my sorry tired self is going to get something DONE!!


redheadsmom said...

I was up for 23 hours straight!AAAHHHH!

The Lowes said...

WHAT? someone was in texas and got stuck here? how lucky for them!!!