Monday, July 28, 2008

Geez I'm boring & I miss all the fun!

This morning I didn't have to drive carpool because the other mom who drives in the AM didn't last week so she's going to do all this week. My friend Lyndsay called me just after school started to let me know what I had missed at drop off - a fight/ argument between some of the Kindergarten parents!! The Principal was called out to make peace and she was also there when I went to pick up Jr. I was so bummed about missing all the action!

George and I stayed in our PJ's until 10. I did some work, boning for a corset & cutting the line of a skirt, then got ready for the day. We went and picked up a reimbursement check, went to the bank, went to school, sorted letters for the back sign, grabbed Jr, changed the back sign, came home, did the lunch thing and then I went to work for real on the mummy dress which I've decided to hate today.
My first attempts have not proven to be a good idea and I'm rethinking the whole process and tomorrow I'm starting over new! I tried to copy his picture and that isn't going to work. I've decided to try a "real" mummy thing with wrapping the dress in big strips. I'll let you all know how it goes, cause I know you're all dying to see it finished.


Karen Valinda said...

Judging by the picture here, you aren't missing ALL the fun. . . looks like you are making your own kind of fun and it will be interesting to see how it turns out! I will have to look back to refresh my memory of what this one's sketch looks like.


Karen Valinda said...

Skipped out to your business site and checked out the sketch. So, would a plain little 'shift' with strips of white and dark sewn on it work or does it need to 'move' more than that would allow? The underlying 'shift' could be flesh or white clingy/stretchy type stuff. (If you have already explored this idea, I am at least in good company;-)

Safire said...

Okay, what exactly is this play about? It's got some crazy costumes.

redheadsmom said...

How come nobody fights when I am there? I would like to see that one go down!

The Lowes said...

these outfits are all so...scandalist. maybe i should take the time to find out what aida is all about.